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It Starts with a 15-minute Energy Survey...

Click HERE to get your custom survey started.                                      Where is Energy service Available? Find out here


Connected "things" means technology used in everything that runs your business can be unlocked to yield productivity, sometimes with the appliances you already have. Realitek won't overwhelm you with oranges to replace your apples.  The survey allows you to help  plan the next move on your terms - and it's really the answers to these  simple questions:  What do you want your business to SAVE?  to DO better?  to do MORE of?   to do LESS of?  What will your evolved business look like in 5 years?        Click here to get started!

Now that you've told us what your objectives are, it's time for us to go to work.  Negotiating pricing and terms on your behalf is what we do best.  Before you sign any service orders or agreements, we will show you the top options and pricing, with no bias.  We prefer to empower you to choose what you want.   Bottom line: You will get the best value for the solutions  offered, guaranteed.

We don't claim to offer 12-50% savings lightly.  We just know the industry very well, and have the national network partners to back it up.  We are committed to offering you the best, most cost-effective options that maintain or enhance your business operations while reducing your utility & Communications costs. Honest Savings, Real Results.

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