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Gas Savings Opportunity Mild Weather Alert - Spring 2017

Low demand last Winter creates historic Opportunity for businesses paying too much for Natural Gas

How your Peak Load Contribution this summer may affect your rates in 2017

Realitek Customer Advisory Fall 2016

Be Part of the Solution

  • Adjust operations from peak hours to off-peak hours

  • Increase / Decrease thermostats temp by 3 degrees, specifically during peak hours

  • Dim or turn off unnecessary lighting and hardware (PCs, copiers)

  • Planning best practices ahead of time

Planning Ahead with Notifications

We are here to help you plan ahead for potential peak usage events. The first notification will take place a week in advance, notifying you of a potential event in the coming days. This alert is intended to give you the best opportunity to adjust your business needs for curtailing your load.
You will receive one of the following:

  • Week Ahead Notification – Weekly alert with the likelihood of a peak event for the following week

  • Day Ahead Notification – Daily alert with a four hour peak usage window, only if the likelihood of a peak event is significant

  • Day of Confirmation – Daily alert notifying you once the event is canceled or rescheduled

Peak Usage Alerts available for Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas customers.

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